World Bible Institute | March Report

Dr. Justin Imel
Director of Technology, World Bible Institute
71 Sherwood Drive
Blue Ridge, VA 24064
(540) 892-9343

March was an amazing month for my work at WBI, and I am more excited than ever to be a part of this great effort! I started an Instagram account for the school, and you can subscribe here. The purpose of the account is twofold: to encourage Christians with biblical truth and to remind our followers about WBI’s important work. We also have also started a YouTube channel which you can access here. We intend to post appropriate videos to encourage and teach God’s Word and once again we’ll utilize this tool to remind our subscribers and others of our kingdom work. Additionally, we have begun a blog available here. For the time being I’m posting articles on leadership by our chancellor, Dr. J. J. Turner; Dr. Turner writes often and well and his insights are extremely applicable to Christian living. I’m prayerful that we can extend our reach through social media in the very near future to reach more individuals and congregations about the good WBI does both at home and abroad.

I’m now engaged in writing three books—yes, three. I’m preparing to publish within a couple weeks a book of sermons which covers the entire Revelation to John; I’m titling this book Victory in Jesus, the very theme of John’s inspired writing. I have another collection of sermons—Expository Sermons You Can Preach—which simply needs to be edited for spelling, grammar, etc. before publication. Lord willing, this summer, the book will become a reality; Glenn Colley has reviewed the manuscript and written a positive review, and Richard Mansel has assisted with editing. I’m also diligently working on a book for WBI’s new Bible class curriculum—The Badge of Love.

WBI is also beginning an Associates degree program, and I’m writing two courses for that program. I’m prepping a class on Acts, a very important book for those seeking a degree in Bible, and New Testament Survey, which will give my students a good grasp of the new covenant.

On a personal note, on March 15, my sweet wife and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. Tammy and I have had our share of heartache and trials during our marriage, but we’re grateful to God that we have persevered and reached a milestone that far too many marriages fail to reach.

Near the end of January, I learned that my claim for Social Security Disability has been approved—that has drastically changed my family’s situation. Although the wait was very long, your prayers, love, and support sustained us as we waited.

But, I would like to ask you for another favor to help my family. I have an active YouTube channel available here—I post videos which interest me: politics (both left and right), spaceflight, aviation, some old movies (crime and horror, mostly), and military history. If those interests align with your own, I’d be honored if you subscribed. But, even if those interests bore you to death, going to my channel and watching the video can help—you can let a skippable ad play all the way through or click on an ad to help my support. Simply taking a couple minutes to check out my YouTube sponsors is a major way that you can help us. My YouTube channel has grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple months, and I’m prayerful that I can fully support my family through my Disability and my YouTube channel in the very near future.

I have turned to YouTube because I can raise support that way far easier than visiting congregations. Don’t get me wrong—I’d rather be speaking to congregations about all the good WBI is doing, but my health presents a major challenge. I have come to realize that I can no longer drive a couple hours, make a presentation about WBI, preach, and meet with the elders at a congregation. In fact, my worship and Bible study attendance are not what I would wish—yet, with some medication, I’ve been able to start attending more often lately (even if the drugs do make it difficult to stay awake, I’m putting forth what I believe to be appropriate effort).

I want to thank all of you for your love, prayers, and support (whatever form that support takes). May Be continue to bless you richly!

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  1. Great man of God, the internet gives access to the world on technology, but there is need for a physical presence. I pray that your physical challenges would inspire rather than be a hindrance to your gifts and work. You have overcome.

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