Donald, Hillary, and Character

As in most presidential elections, the candidates have slung mud at one another over the other’s character. Mr. Trump says that he wants Hillary in jail, and Secretary Clinton has repeatedly attacked Trump for his statements about women. I can’t control the character of either Mr. Trump or Secretary Clinton, but I can control my own character. As I control my character, I need to surrender myself to God and be renewed in the image of the Lord Jesus.

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One thought on “Donald, Hillary, and Character

  1. Yes Politics can get ugly as we saw but I will tell you this via two poems I received from God:

    “Blinded by Tears”

    Blinded by tears
    Broken-hearted for a land so dear
    I pray she will not fall, but alas, it is my fear
    My whole life I’ve been “always faithful”
    Just as a Marine’s daughter should
    My patriotism isn’t just for show
    May her banner always flow
    Every American heart holds the truth
    Open your eyes and hearts so you will see
    The evil that has been unleashed on you and me
    Make no mistake, freedom has never been free
    Oh how our Vets did fight
    Forget them not and make sure you vote right
    Pray for guidance, before you go
    God’s TRUMPet has yet to blow
    In the end, if you see the signs
    Bow your heads, ask forgiveness, to clear your hearts & minds
    Please don’t wait until it’s to late
    Only He can give you a clean slate

    Original Poem:
    Melanie Carol Everett
    edited 4/19/16

    “My Pleading Prayer”

    Father God
    I pray & plead, on our peoples & Countries behalves
    Father God, we are so imperfect without your Holy Spirit
    Making mistake after mistake as we stumble through
    I pray we toe the line, feel your guidance & heed the cues
    May your Holy Power help the Patriots true & even the confused few
    The poems you give me & mine
    They’re just that, so very divine
    These poems are not by us alone, No!
    Because you speak, the words we write, just flow & flow
    May the lost peoples find the truth
    By the rhyming words you sow
    I love you, Father God
    Wishing to make you proud
    So that when your son, my hero returns
    I will be one of his shroud
    Floating in a spectacular cloud

    Original Poem:
    Melanie Carol Everett
    5/2/16 edited 5/19/16

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