The Case for Biblical Christianity

Long before I enrolled in International Bible College (now Heritage Christian University), I had heard the name Basil Overton over and over and over. Brother Overton, you see, was involved in the important work of spreading the Gospel; he was the editor of The World Evangelist (a monthly journal I always read), he was Vice President at IBC, and he held gospel meetings throughout Kentucky and surrounding states.

When I was a student at IBC, I had the opportunity to take a course on Christian apologetics called “The Case for Biblical Christianity” with Brother Overton. I learned so much from that course, and Brother Overton’s instruction helped to shape my worldview into one more consistent with biblical truth.

Brother Overton taught with wit, wisdom which comes with experience, and the Word of God. I offer these videos–the complete course Brother Overton taught in hopes that the might strengthen your faith.

God bless!

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