Donald Trump: Grabber-in-Chief?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump: Grabber-in-Chief?

In 2005, Donald Trump said some extremely lewd comments into a hot mic. He told Billy Bush—nephew of President George H. W. Bush—that he did not need permission to kiss women or to grab their genitals. As my family will tell you, I had very little respect for Mr. Trump before this revelation, and now, what little respect I had is gone.

Trump says that his remarks were simply “locker-room banter.” Well, I just came from a locker room, and I use one every single morning, but I have never heard any guy brag about being able to assault women. I’ve heard jokes, innuendo, and “bragging,” but I have never, ever heard anything as disgusting as what Mr. Trump said in the recently unearthed audio.

Sexual assault is no laughing matter. I know a young man whose whole life has been turned upside down because of sexual assault he endured as a child; for this young man, the abuse he suffered is not simply “locker-room banter,” but a painful scar that he will struggle the rest of his life to heal. I have had people come into my office and weep uncontrollably because they were touched without consent. Not locker-room banter, Mr. Trump. Not funny.

Sexual assault has always been a serious matter to God. If a man raped a betrothed woman in the city and she did not cry for help, both the man and the woman were to be put to death (Deut 22:23-24). However, if a man raped a betrothed women in the country, only the man was to die, for the woman had no one to help her (Deut 22:25-27). However, if a man raped a virgin who was not betrothed, the man was to marry her and was forbidden from divorcing her all his life (Deut 22:28-29). Forcing a man to marry a woman he has raped may sound odd to our modern ears, but women couldn’t very well work outside the home and support themselves in that culture and a woman who had been violated would not, in the eyes of many, be marriage material; therefore, God commanded her violator to provide for her all her life—God was looking out for the woman.

In the most famous case of sexual assault in the Scriptures, Amnon feigned sickness in order to rape Tamar. Amnon ended up being killed by Absalom. A tragic family tale. A tragic family tale began by a father who saw a woman he wanted and lay with her and killed her husband in an attempt to cover up his crime.

Donald Trump’s speech and his actions are inexcusable. Yes, he has apologized, but it’s now time for him to do the honorable thing and leave the race for the White House. The American people deserve better than Mr. Trump, and it’s time he recognizes that!

Some will view what I’ve written today as an endorsement for Secretary Clinton. Far from it! In last night’s debate, Clinton said that she wants a Supreme Court which upholds Roe v. Wade and “marriage equality” for homosexuals; I cannot and do not support those positions as a Christian. Politically, I’m much more aligned with Mr. Trump than Secretary Clinton—I agree far more with Mr. Trump than Secretary Clinton on tax policy, Obamacare, military, foreign affairs, and immigration, for example. However, there is absolutely no way that I could now in any way, shape, or form support Trump for President.

Some will say that it’s better to have Mr. Trump appointing justices to the Supreme Court than Secretary Clinton. I couldn’t agree more. But, would a vote for Trump really bring an end to abortion? I’ve voted for candidates because they were pro-life, but abortion is still legal. In my opinion, Republican politicians have used the abortion issue to gain votes from conservative Christians such as myself. But, when they are elected, these same politicians—in Mr. Trump’s own words—are all talk and no action.

Some will immediately point to the Clintons’ misdeeds. President Clinton has been accused of violating women. Whether those reports are true or false, we know that the former President has no problem with breaking his wedding vows and committing perjury—a felony—to cover up his immorality. We further know that Mrs. Clinton will defend her husband and ferociously attack his accusers.

Some will say that Secretary Clinton laughed when she helped defend a rapist; honestly, the Kathy Shelton case is much more complex than that, and you can read more about it here. But, even if Clinton did not laugh about a child rapist, she has been involved in more scandals than you can shake a stick at. We, thus, know that Secretary Clinton herself is immoral and unfit to serve as President.

Honestly, neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton has the moral character to lead the United States. It’s past time for the people of God to stand up and demand that our leaders serve with dignity, honor, and morality! Our children are watching.

God bless!

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