Monthly WBI Update

I have recently started working with World Bible Institute, and I’ll be posting my monthly updates on my blog. This is the first installment.

Dear Brethren:

My first few weeks as the Director of Technology for World Bible Institute have been extremely active. I started by managing our social media presence. Our Facebook page now has 705 “likes,” our Twitter page has 6,028 followers, and we are gaining followers daily. My goal in expanding our social media is not to get “numbers,” but to make the vital work of WBI known to a wide audience. A wide audience will help us grow our support base, recruit students, and increase the number of good brethren who remember us in prayer.

I have been asked to prepare a course on Paul’s epistles to Timothy and Titus. That course will obviously be important for men preparing themselves to preach and should be finished within a month.

Presently, fundraising continues to be my main priority, and once my funds have been fully raised, I shall be able to devote far more time to carrying out my work at World Bible Institute.

WBI continues to do important work. Recently, 77 were baptized in Togo and three new congregations were established. WBI’s work in Ghana averages 170 baptisms per month. Our first students in the Philippines have baptized over 500. The Lord is being glorified, and we pray that He is glorified more and more.

I have two needs I humbly ask you to consider:

  1. I do need about $500 more in monthly support. Honestly, until my disability is approved, my family’s financial resources are extremely tight. Your support would meaningfully help me contribute to WBI’s mission of sharing the Gospel with the lost.

  2. My computer crashed and was unable to be repaired. I stepped out in faith and purchased another for $300 (after all, it’s difficult to work as WBI’s Director of Technology without a usable computer). Would you be willing to help with the cost?

Contributions can be mailed to:

World Bible Institute
400 Lake Dow Road
McDonough, GA 30252

Please place “Justin Imel Fund” on the memo line and make a note if the funds are to be used for the computer or for monthly support.

You may also contribute online through the following link:

God bless,

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