I simply have a few “housekeeping” things to share with you today.

A couple weeks ago, I ran a free book contest. I asked you to tell me who inspires you and why. Nine of you responded. Austin Avallone won the print books. Austin wrote: “I’m inspired by Tony Dungy. Coach Dungy has written many books about his walk with Christ and how is misfortunes (including losing a son to suicide) have made his walk stronger. A fellow brother in Christ– using his fame and fortune to bring honor and praise to the Risen Savior!” Mike Surber won the Kindle books. Mike wrote: “Dr. Justin Imel; He is the first preacher to ever get thru to me about the true meaning of being saved in order to live. If it weren’t for Dr Imel, I would be headed down the road to eternal suffering. Now I am going to Heaven to be with my fellow Christian brothers and sisters. Praise be to Jesus and thank you Justin.” Yeah, I didn’t feel totally comfortable awarding the books to Mike since he spoke so highly—too highly—of me, but his was the number to come up when I put them in the random number generator.

I do have a new book that’s now available on Amazon. Selfless Service: A Model of Ministry is a short read (only 44 pages) about principles from Jesus and Paul and applying them to modern ministry. The paperback is available for $3.99 and the Kindle is available for 99¢. A Nook version should be available in the very near future.

Have a great weekend! God bless!

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