Did You Throw Away Your Bible?

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I met a gentleman some time ago with whom I have struck up a most interesting friendship. You see, Fred (of course, not his real name) is an agnostic and a homosexual. I don’t mean to excuse his unbelief or his homosexuality, but Fred has a story to tell, and, when you hear that story, your heart breaks and you come to understand why my friend emerged from his childhood as he did.

I haven’t discussed homosexuality with Fred. I know some of my brethren would have a hard time with that, but I’m concerned with a much more fundamental issue – Fred’s lack of faith. I see no point whatsoever in talking with Fred about his homosexuality when I’ll use Scripture he doesn’t believe came from God. I’m trying to help Fred come to faith in Jesus before I talk with him about any of his specific sins. That seems to me to be the prudent course of action.

Yet, Fred told me something recently that will, in my opinion, make bringing him to faith very difficult. He said, “Justin, I bought a New King James Bible the other day. When I was reading Romans, Paul said homosexuality was bad, so I threw it away.” My heart ached when Fred said that. He chose to read his own ideas into Scripture instead of allowing Scripture to speak for itself.

While it hurt me that Fred reacted to Scripture as he did, I couldn’t help but wonder if we don’t react to Scripture the same way sometimes.

  • We know Jesus said to love our enemies, but we harbor hatred in our heart toward the neighbor who put his fence two inches over on our property.

  • We know Jesus taught us to tell the truth, but we tell the bill collector that the check’s in the mail.

  • We know we’re to be angry and sin not, but we yell and hurt those we love in our anger.

  • We know we’re to watch our tongues, but when the hammer hits our thumb instead of the nail, we could make the most seasoned sailor blush.

  • We know Jesus taught us not to look upon a woman with lustful intent, but we still watch our favorite TV program because the actors and actresses will be half naked.

  • We know we’re to honor our nation’s leaders, but we can’t wait to get to work and tell the latest joke about President Obama.

  • We know we’re to obey laws (as long as they do not violate divine ordinance), but we happily go well over the speed limit when we’re late for work.

  • We know we’re to pray and not worry, but we lie awake at night sick with worry about what the future holds.

  • We know we’re to assemble with the saints, but we can’t go worship and leave our out-of-town guests at home.

  • We know we’re to study to be approved before God, but our Bible collects dust on the end table.

Sometimes, you see, we don’t go to the garbage can and put our Bible inside, but we treat the holy Word of God as though it’s trash. We ignore Scripture. We go our own way. We do what we think is best. At times like that, in essence, we toss the Bible in the trash.

The wise man does not throw away his Bible, but he “meditates day and night” upon the Word of God (Psalm 1:2). The wise man obeys the Word of God, and he “will be blessed in his doing” (James 1:25). Don’t throw away your Bible – meditate on it day and night and obey that Word that you might receive the blessings of God.

God bless!

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