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Thinking about John

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Because he wrote after the other Evangelists, the Apostle John presents a unique view of Jesus. The disciple whom Jesus loved presents the Lord as a worker of signs intended to create faith, a teacher of deep truths, a lover of God and a lover of his disciples, and One who understood his kingdom surpassed earthly realms. This study guide helps the student delve into the Gospel of John and build a firm faith, a firm faith John envisioned when he wrote his Gospel.

Thinking about John is the first installment of a new Bible class curriculum called Thinking about Scripture. These study guides do not provide answers to Scripture; instead, they ask questions and urge the student to explore Scripture for him or herself. These guides are perfect for personal study or Bible class where students wish to explore the truth of Scripture.

Selected Sermons

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As a preacher, you know that Sunday comes every week. As soon as you finish preaching one sermon, you need to begin preparing for the next. What if you had a resource — not to remove your own study for laziness — to help you prepare for Sunday? The sermons presented here are practical and preachable. They aim to stir your thoughts and help your study as you stand before God’s people to present divine truth. The lessons are presented in manuscript form to make them readable as well as practical. The lessons presented here are not only perfect for the preacher preparing his heart and mind for Sunday, but they are very suitable for personal devotion. May these lessons take you closer to God as you seek to honor him!

On Momma’s Knee

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Anna Jarvis, a West Virginia native, started Mother’s Day in 1908. She believed the nation needed a day to recognize the contribution of mothers to our lives. After all, Jarvis pointed out that your mother is “the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world.”

For the Christian, however, honoring mothers does not only fall on the second Sunday in May. Honoring our mothers is a way of life. God commanded his people to honor their mothers in the Old Law. Jesus honored his parents, and he taught us to do the same.

On Momma’s Knee by Dr. Justin Imel, Sr. explores the biblical view of motherhood and urges us all to honor our mothers.

Messages from the Manger

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The mystery of the Incarnation is found in the fact that the Creator became man in order to redeem man. As the world recalls the birth to a virgin in Bethlehem, Dr. Imel provides biblical lessons themed around Advent.

Accompanied by the Instruments of David

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Instrumental music is once more rearing its ugly head among churches of Christ. Congregations are adding instrumental music to worship because they “can’t see anything wrong with it.” Maybe the instrument is added to draw more people into the assembly. Perhaps some advocate instrumental music, for, like L. L. Pinkerton, the singing is abysmal. Dr. Justin Imel, Sr., comes from a family where instrumental music was considered acceptable; therefore, he has heard nearly every argument under the sun to justify its use in worship. In this work, Dr. Imel examines arguments in favor of instrumental music and finds them wanting. Accompanied by the Instruments of David lays out a forceful argument for a cappella singing in worship.

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