“God is Too Big for Any One Religion”

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God is Too Big to For Any One Religion“God is too big for any one religion.”

“If you believe Christianity is the only way, you’re being narrow-minded and judgmental.”

“What gives you the right to say that you’re right and I’m wrong?”

I’ve heard those responses and others when I’ve mentioned the exclusive claims of Christianity. Occasionally I’ll see a bumper sticker saying, “Coexist.” That might be a nice sentiment to some, but those who advocate the “coexistence” of world religions are ignorant of Christianity. Christianity is not simply a way to God; Christianity is the way to God. In fact, Luke refers to Christianity as “the Way” in Acts (for example, Acts 9:2). Jesus said that he is the only way to the Father (John 14:6). We’re saved from sin and gain salvation through Jesus; there is no other way.

But, what about the charge of being “narrow-minded?”

First: Truth is narrow. Truth has never been left to one’s own opinion or ideas. No matter my thoughts on the issue, the sky is blue, not green. I can wish it green as long and as hard as I wish – I can put a bumper sticker on my car urging the sky and grass to “Coexist” – I can call you narrow-minded for saying the sky is blue. But, the sky is blue – End of discussion.

Why is it that people can recognize the absurdity of the charge of narrow-mindedness for saying the sky is blue but decry as “narrow-minded” claims of the exclusiveness of Christianity? Scripture is truth (John 17:17); there aren’t many truths, but there is only one truth. There aren’t many ways; Jesus is the only way (John 14:6). The way is narrow that leads to life (Matthew 7:14).

Truth doesn’t change based on the whims of the populace. Truth is truth.

Second: You aren’t God. I’m always amazed that people put themselves in the place of God and declare what “truth” is. There was quite the uproar when Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame quoted Scripture when asked about homosexuality. He was a “narrow-minded bigot” we heard for giving his opinion. With all due respect, Phil Robertson never gave his “opinion;” he quoted the truth of God.

You may not like what God has said, but that doesn’t change what God has said. “Scripture cannot be broken” (John 10:35) – Not by your opinion, not by mine. Truth does not change.

When I say, “Jesus is the only way to heaven,” I’m not being narrow-minded or bigoted. I’m being biblical, and I’ll strive to be biblical all the days of my life.

God bless!

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