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Don't SkipLast night, church was painful. No, I don’t mean the Bible class was poor – Tommy Blewett did a fine job covering 2 John and moving to 3 John. No, I don’t mean the fellowship was poor – It was great to see my fellow brothers and sisters. I mean I was not doing well physically: I could barely walk (my legs were more spastic – i.e., stiff – than they had been in some time) and the pain was horrendous.

If you think I’m going to write about how pious I am for going to Bible study when I felt bad, I’m sorry to disappoint. You see, the reason I felt so poorly last night is rather simple – I skipped the gym. I was busy yesterday with writing and some new projects that I made a hundred excuses for not getting in the pool, and I paid dearly for it last night. I know better – I know that when I swim I feel far better than when I don’t, and I know that skipping swimming is going to bring a great deal of misery. But, I skipped anyway. This time, I thought, I’d be fine skipping. Didn’t Einstein say something about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

I’ve been thinking about how many other things we skip that we shouldn’t. For example:

  • Do you toss and turn all night because you skipped prayer?

  • Do you fall into temptation because you skipped spending time in God’s Word?

  • Do you blow up in anger because you skipped the other person’s feelings?

  • Do you fear losing your job because you skipped working your hardest?

  • Do you feel yourself backsliding because you skipped spending time in worship?

  • Do you fail sending a thank-you note because you skipped gratitude?

  • Do you see your children misbehaving because you skipped discipline?

  • Do you harbor anger in your heart because you skipped forgiveness?

  • Do you fear death because you have skipped the Savior?

The good news is that with every new day – as long as God gives us days – we can begin again. The first thing I did this morning? Hit the gym! You won’t catch me skipping the swimming pool any time soon! Maybe there are some other things I ought not skip….

God bless!

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