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I recently shared with you some of my personal goals. I did so for two reasons: (1) In writing about the importance of goals, I would have no credibility if I were not willing to set goals for myself; and (2) I wanted accountability. As I mentioned, I have four friends holding me accountable for my weight loss, and I’m seeing great results and benefit from that.

I am making great progress in many of my goals, and I want to share with you some of the progress I’m making.

  • My health

    • My weight

      I simply cannot continue gaining weight; I have enough mobility issues without adding extra weight to the mix. I, therefore, determined to lose a fair amount of weight.

      I had been struggling of late to get the weight off. But, with careful adherence to my plan I’ve lost 5 pounds in the past 11 days. I’ll take it…. My weight is finally headed in the right direction.

    • My swimming.

      My swimming is improving very nicely. I’m still not necessarily getting a mile in every day, but I’m seeing great improvement: I’m swimming harder and faster than ever, and, while I may not swim a mile each day, I’m covering more yards in far less time than ever before. Even with a shorter distance, my body is getting a better workout than at any previous time.

    • My lifting.

      My younger son received a set of free weights for Christmas, and I had planned to start a lifting regimen here at home. However, some research quickly said that free weights were not in any way recommended for people with dystonia. I’m at the gym every single day, and there are plenty of weight machines there. I have made an appointment with a friend who works in fitness at Carilion Wellness Botetourt for tomorrow morning; my weight training begins at dawn.

  • My writing.

    I’m somewhat disappointed in my progress here, but progress is progress, right? I have worked only a little on the Secular Humanism book (a book sorely needed among God’s people), but I have completed the corrections to Accompanied by the Instruments of David: Examining the Excuses for Instrumental Music in Worship. I have also submitted a draft of Expository Sermons You Can Preach to one author for a foreword, another for proofing (Richard Mansel is working very diligently to make much needed suggestions), and to three others for promotional blurbs; I’m anticipating a release no later than the middle of April. A good part of my time today will be devoted to finishing the first draft of My Darling Mama: Lessons for the Godly Mother, dedicated to my own darling Mama, of course; I anticipate a release date by the first of April.

  • Spiritual goals.

    I’m making needed, healthy, and steady progress with my spiritual goals. Of course, the more we grow spiritually, the more we realize we need to grow spiritually.

God willing, I’ll continue to make progress in pursuing my goals. How are you progressing with your goals? Feel free to tell us in the comment section. God bless!

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