Giving When You Have Nothing to Give

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Collection PlateI recently wrote about how the Lord’s Supper has taken on a new meaning since I started having physical limitations. Where I worship, we collect the offering immediately after we conclude the Eucharist. At one time, I gave more than I currently do, for times were more financially prosperous. But, my disability has brought more challenging economic times as I await Social Security Disability, but God loves a cheerful giver. Whether or not times are lean, I need to be a cheerful giver.

What can I give cheerfully when finances are low?

  • I can give a smile instead of a frown.
  • I can give a sympathetic tear to the sorrowful.
  • I can give my body as a living sacrifice.
  • I can give my labor to the church.
  • I can give the Gospel to the lost.
  • I can give my love to my family
  • I can give an encouraging word to the cashier at Kroger.
  • I can give kindness to my enemy.
  • I can give prayers for the sick.
  • I can give my time to babysit for the young couple who needs an evening alone.

You see, I can give much if I simply look around me for opportunities to give. What will you give today?

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