The Elliott Family Fund

Larry and Susan ElliottI’ve known Larry Elliott for about three years – he and I were preaching at two congregations in Roanoke, Virginia: he preached at Star City and I preached at Dale Ridge. Larry and I saw each other at area youth rallies and at preachers’ meetings from time to time. We were Facebook friends and interacted some, but that was about it.

But, this past year, events in my life led me to know Larry and his family very well and to love and value them very much. This past summer, my health got to a point that I could no longer continue in fulltime ministry – a painful decision, but the right one on so many different levels. My family and I began a search for the proper congregation where we could “land.” After visiting around, it became very apparent that Star City was the right fit for us.

Larry and his family have come to mean a great deal to my family since we made the jump from Dale Ridge to Star City. Larry and his family have loved us, welcomed us, prayed for us, and stood by us.

Now, it’s my turn to stand by Larry and his family. While Larry was visiting family in Texas over the holidays, he suffered a stroke and is in the hospital down in Texas, a long way from Virginia. Larry will be in the hospital for several more days and he’ll then be moved to rehab. Hospitals and rehabs aren’t cheap, even with the best of insurance. Then, there’s the family who want to be by his side: hotel rooms and eating out (even fast food) really start to add up. The Elliotts also have their normal bills they need to pay. I’m asking you to help Larry and his good family.

Larry loves the Lord. Larry faithfully serves the Lord as the preacher for the Star City church. Larry supports his family by working hard at a secular job. The Lord needs Larry. Larry’s family needs Larry. Larry and his family need peace of mind in this hour of trial. Would you please consider making a donation – even a small one – to help with the Elliotts’ expenses? Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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