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TechnologyI know that November has come and gone, and that I’m only writing thanksgiving for day #22. In my defense, I’ve never been good at math (Joe Tate would be happy to tell you that). Unfortunately, I must admit that I’ve never been good at thanksgiving and that desperately needs to change. I’m going to keep giving thanks for several days; after all, we dare not confine thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday in November.

Today, I’m thankful to live in the industrialized West. Yes, we are prone to selfishness and pride and greed and covetousness because we live in a land of plenty, and we must most certainly guard our hearts against the lust of the flesh and of the eyes and against the pride of life. But, we are so blessed to live when and where we do. Think for a moment:

  • Social media

    I have a love/hate relationship with social media; I despise all the bloviating and politics and arguing, but I love the fact that because of current technology I can easily stay in contact with friends and family.

  • iPhone

    You, like my elder son, may be an Android person, but you’re allowed to be wrong. I love my iPhone: I can text friends and family (some days I probably send close to a hundred texts), I can read my Bible, I can take pictures to remember what I wish, and I can use the GPS to navigate through unfamiliar territories.

  • Television

    I can know what’s going on around the world in a matter of moments. Most importantly, of course, is the fact that I can sit in my family room and watch any basketball game the University of Kentucky Wildcats are playing.

  • Internet

    I’m able to listen to sermons from brethren all over the world. I’m able to read the newspaper. I’m able to go to school. I’m able to work from home. I have new worlds before me thanks to the Internet.

  • Prius

    I love my little Prius – we’re able to save as much on gas every month as we pay for the car itself. With the car, my family and I are able to travel to worship, go to the grocery store, and visit family.

  • Grocery store

    I hate going to the grocery store, and I’ve always viewed it as a necessary evil. But, what if we didn’t have grocery stores? Our ancestors didn’t and had to grow and kill what they ate. I’ve tried hunting, fishing, and growing a garden, and, well, let’s just say I’d be much skinnier in that world.

  • Medical advances

    Dealing with a chronic illness is by no means pleasant or easy. Yet, I cannot fathom a world without our medical technologies – without medication, without assistive devices, and without surgery – even brain surgery – to treat chronic conditions.

God has richly blessed us to live in the industrialized world. Have you thanked God lately?

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