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SundayI love Sundays. Sundays have been an important part of my life for a long, long time. As a kid, I remember going to worship and then going to Nannie and Papaw’s – Dad would read the paper, Papaw would watch TV, Nannie would finish dinner, Mom would help her, and we boys would try to stay out of the way. As time went by, Kyle began to help Nannie in the kitchen; when dinner was ready, Kyle would come into the living room and start to sing, “All things are ready, come to the feast!” He didn’t have to tell us twice.

Sundays took on a new meaning when I began a preaching career. I got up at 4:45 every Sunday morning (yep, that early), started the coffee, sat down to study my sermon outline, and left the house at 6:45 to go to the gym. I’d be at the building at 9:00 to greet members of the church as they came to Bible class. Dinner might be at our house or at the Fish House or somewhere else – once a month we’d even have a potluck and eat at the church building. I’m not preaching now, but Sundays still have great meaning for me.

I’m thankful for Sundays, because of:

  • Friends

    Now that I’m not working, I don’t get to the gym as early as I did when I was going in to the office. I’ve made several friends at the gym and Sunday is now the only day that I see them. Unfortunately, Sunday morning is also the only time I see some of my brothers and sisters (I’d like to see them on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights, too).

  • Learning

    I have a doctoral degree and I’ve taught at the university level – in other words, I like to learn. I love Sundays because I learn a good deal in Bible class. I don’t care how many times you’ve read a text, when you’re in a Bible class and people share ideas from different perspectives, you learn a great deal. I do, at least. I appreciate that. I always appreciate digging into God’s word and learning what God’s will is.

  • Remembering Jesus

    I’m forgetful – Once I spent an hour in a parking garage trying to find my car. God knew I (and the rest of mankind) would tend to be forgetful, so He instituted the Lord’s Supper. Every Sunday as I partake of Jesus’ body and blood, I’m reminded of the extreme sacrifice Jesus made for my sins. I’m encouraged to live differently because I remember Jesus’ death.

  • Singing

    I love music (the music of the Beattles, Billy Joel, Elton John, John Denver, and Garth Brooks brings great joy to me). But, I have absolutely no musical ability and I cannot carry a tune in a bucket. But, when I worship and sing, I’m encouraged and taught and strengthened through the words of what I and my fellow worshipers sing.

  • Being provoked

    Solid preaching provokes me. Preaching isn’t simply about learning; preaching puts God’s Word into practical application for my life. Too often I’m not doing what God wants, and the sermon calls me to a higher standard. Larry Elliott, the preacher for the Star City church of Christ, does well and his sermons allow God’s Word to prick my heart.

  • Priorities

    There’s nothing like the passing of the collection plate to think about my priorities. After all, Jesus said that where my treasure is, there my heart will be also (Matt 6:21). The collection makes Jesus’ words alive in my heart.

  • Naps

    I must confess that I love a good Sunday afternoon nap (I had a good one today). Rest and relaxation are good for us – in the Law, God required His people to take a day of rest every week.

Some of you would draw up a different list than I (I’m sure many of you would add football here – I’ve never had the opportunity to watch football between lunch and sermon prep), yet these are reasons I’m thankful for Sunday. God bless!

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